30 Million Indonesians Play Mobile Legends

Moonton as publisher and developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) revealed that the monthly active users of the game in Indonesia reached 31 million people.

“The potential of the eSport market in Indonesia is quite large when looking at various data presented by third parties,” Moonton Indonesia Representative Nabila Rozano said in a statement yesterday.

Quoting the results of research from DANA, a new non-cash payment system which is also a sponsor of MPL ID S4, there are at least 42.9 million gamers in Indonesia today. In fact, in 2015, there were only half of that amount. In 5 years, according to their predictions, the number of gamers earlier will increase to three times. This can happen thanks to online gaming that will be more affordable and closer to the community. Plus, esports will become a more popular competitive event so that it can have a greater impact.

According to DANA again, the biggest challenge that must be faced by the gaming industry in the country is a matter of public perceptions that are still negative towards gaming activities. It is in changing this negative paradigm that esports can play a big role. Because, one of the most effective ways to communicate the positive side of playing games is to show it directly to parents.

While the data released by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), internet users in Indonesia have now reached 171.17 million people or 64.8% of the total Indonesian population which currently stands at 264 million.

“Assuming all gamers are also connected to the internet, according to the combined data from APJII and FUNDS earlier, this means that only 24% of internet users have entered the gamers market. Seeing this number, the potential market for gamers in the future means that it is still very large because there is two big factors, “he said.

First, the number of internet penetration in Indonesia this year increased 10% from 2018. Most likely, the number of internet users in Indonesia in the future will also increase. Suppose the percentage between the number of internet users in Indonesia and the number of gamers is still the same, there will still be an increase every year.

Second, the comparison between the number of internet users in Indonesia and the number of gamers is also likely to increase considering that new generations will be exposed to technology (including games) early on.

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